Uppermark CAIA LEVEL II Material

Anyone know when they will start shipping? Tried calling them but haven’t gotten a response.

I’ve been wondering this myself. With the significant change in curriculum for March 2017, I think it may be until early December or so before Uppermark releases the new notes. Frankly, I think it’s probably okay if they take a little longer to get the book out if it means a higher-quality product.

I went ahead and bought the original Wiley text and started reading it in the past week or so.

For what it’s worth, I was looking at Kaplan’s release schedule and they indicate their first e-Book will be available this month and the printed version in December.

But if you hear back anything from Uppermark, Virtual, let us know. Thanks!

my 2c. the schweser material is great. the videos are even better. very nice summaries for both levels

Thanks K84! tried shweser for level I and didn’t like the Qbank when compared to Uppermark’s. Agree with you on video’s though.


just got Uppermark Level II, where do I begin, haha