Uppermark materials

Just wondering is there anyone here using the Uppermark material to prepare for the level 1 exam?

Most of us do, they are excellent.

I’ll second that

I am using UpperMark. I used Schweser for my CFA review but the consensus on this forum appeared to tip in UpperMark’s favor for the CAIA. I appreciate their succinct approach to each LO. Their TestBank is also useful in helping to learn some of the more “trivial pursuit” material. I take the test on Monday so I’ll be able to report whether their questions are a worthy proxy and whether I am still a fan!

Anson’s book is a quick read and worth going through in your own time. He has a good writing style and adds a lot more flavor to an otherwise dry discussion of things like central moment patterns. I read it prior to reading UpperMark’s notes. The only negative is that it is filled with egregious and repeated spelling errors.

I chose Uppermark because Schweser refused to sell only the study notes. They want to sell the whole package including flashcards etc. which I did not need. I believe in CFA Schweser lets you to buy just the books but in CAIA, they try to force you to get the more expensive package. As for the quality, I was satisfied with the material.

I used Schweser for the level I and I changed to Uppermark for the level II based on the comments from this web site. I did pass level II but I think if you want to use Uppermark, stick with the basic package. I was not happy with the quality of service. Many time emailed questions were never answered, class presentations(web) was just to recite notes at summarized level (spend too much time on simple topics and too little time on complex subjects such as Greek and CA) and many wrong MC. If you really want to spend the premium package money, stick with Schweser.