Uppermark Qbank Down

Im trying to log into my uppermark q-bank to practice questions but its just not opening up. I am using the web based version. for those who are using the same…did you face any such problems?

Mine is working fine. Have you used it on that computer before (it doesn’t work on one of mine because i haven’t installed java)

yes i have. its working fine now. Hows your prep and when is your exam?

good, good! my exam is on Friday - i’m off work until then so just going to go over stuff i’m not that sure on and memorise formulas, although today has mainly consisted of making myself tea and toast! I’ve been getting low 70’s on the uppernark mocks. I hope thats going to be enough but its no where near what i was getting for level 1. Managed futures are consistently my lowest scores. I don’t know what you think but i have a real sense of uncertainty about this exam, there’s just so much random fact memorising which does not suit my brain! When are you taking it? Are you feeling ok about it?

I have it on thursday. I had the option to write it on friday but i chose thursday and now im regretting it. I haven’t touched the mock exams but i have done all mcq’s and essay questions from topic 2 till 6. I agree there is just too much information to memorize…especially performance metrics of commodities, managed futures etc. and often I find that the articles contradict the performance related stuff mentioned in the chapters. managed futures is a short topic. a few read throughs and i think you should be fine. I am having problems remembering the investment vehicles from commodities. I have to revise topic 10, 8 and 7. haven’t touched topic 11 and 9. I just did not have the time as I have a full course load at University( my last semester). I am also very uncertain about this exam. As opposed to the CFA, a much higher degree of luck is involved in this exam. I am writing it in toronto…what abt you?

You guys are early riser!

all nighter here pupdawg82

Ouch. Must be rough. I can’t do even 3 hours after work every night and you are pulling all nighter. Nice man.

well im finishing my undergrad so im not working. that makes pulling off these stunts a whole lot easier hehe

Kind of jealous. I have been spending a ton of hours on work unexpectedly. Poor timing.

In london. This weekend with out revision is going to feel so great. Best of luck - hope you get asked the right questions!

waiting for this weekend anxiously

Just took the test, I did well considering that I didn’t put in more than 10 hours of studying. I still expect to fail by a wide margin but did find that have the experience of 3 cfa levels covered about 50 percent of what I need to know at least. I think with maybe 30 hours of practice on qbank I would easily pass this test next time. It has no comparison to the CFA exams, which are in my opinion more difficult than they need be.