Uppermark Test Bank and Vista

Does anyone else have issues? Normally I do not run into computer problems. When I attempt to open the TestBank it will stop responding and I will be forced to end the task.

32-bit (software) vs. 64-bit (Vista) might be the problem.

Since you are using Vista, in order to register the application, kindly go to your desktop & find the TestBank icon. · Right-click the TestBank icon – on the drop-down menu that appears, select the option: “Run as Administrator”. This will open TestBank. · You will then see the registration window. Enter the registration information and then click the “Register” button at the bottom of the window. · You only need to do this to register the application. After you have registered it, you can just double-click the icon to begin using TestBank. The response from Uppermark in case anyone else has this same issue.

I hate that stuff. ‘Run as Administrator’? It’s my own darn computer!

I’m kind of jealous right now. I think I will write level 1 CAIA.

TheAliMan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m kind of jealous right now. I think I will > write level 1 CAIA. I have enjoyed it so far. I’m 2/3 done with the material. At this time I don’t foresee too much trouble passing in March. The material seems to be more cocktail party appropriate unlike a lot of the CFA material.

Thanks for the insight ditchdigger, I kind of like the risk and convertible arbitrage stuff. Is that discussed in detail? You are planning to write CFA Level 2 if you pass as well right? That’s a big workload…

There is plenty about arbitrage and risk management. I ordered the Uppermark package based on reading old various AF threads. I will be taking CFA L2 in June assuming I passed L1 (which I’m certain I did). Given a different scenario, I would not have attempted this. I begin working in taxes on 1/23 and finish on 4/15. Therefore I have plenty of free time now and after 4/15 for studying. This designation is not well known and expensive and it will not really help me get a job. I just like the material and feel self actualization obtaining the designation.

ditch, it could be more beneficial than you think. I think you’ll probably have some appreciation for this dude, he combines merger arbitrage ideas with value investing. http://www.covestor.com/img/interview/Sean%20Hannon.pdf

It wont even work on a bloody mac, online access here I come…

Wouldn’t the use of the CAIA compliment your knowledge from the CFA exams? and if there is plenty about arbitrage and risk management, wouldn’t that help with a future FRM designation? I’m just curious as to why some people would take the CAIA, or how they would use it.