UpperMark TestBank vs. Schweser QBank

Hi Everyone,

  1. Do you think UpperMark TestBank is better than Schweser QBank?

  2. Would you purchase the UpperMark TestBank if you already have the Schweser notes?


Schweser should be enough, I passed L1 just with Schweser books.

I used and appreciated Schweser QBank a lot for both levels.

  1. I used Uppermark TestBank for both levels and it worked for me. I can’t comment on Qbank. If you have the Schweser notes then perhaps mixing up with Uppermark TestBank provides some diversification.

  2. I did but it depends on how certain you want to be of passing. As they say, it is better to be three hours too soon than a minute too late.

What did you score in Uppermark leading up to the exam? Was your actual score consistent with this?

For level 1, I was scoring around 85% on Uppermark and then went on to pass all topics scoring either “Higher” or “Outstanding”.

So, yeah, pretty consistent it seems.

I used Schweser for Level I and Uppermark for Level II. I personally thought the Uppermark material was better. Its been awhile for me…lol…so I can’t expand on the specifics but it seems the uppermark question difficulty was correlated better with exam difficulty than the Schweser Q-Bank.

I’m using both, schweser notes for their concept checkers and Uppermark’s Qbank (did the same for L1). I found UpperMark’s questions more detail oriented and thorough than Schwesers. Prepping with Uppermark prepared me for questions that, IMHO, were slightly more difficult than exam questions.

UpperMark and it’s not even close, IMO. Going to copy-paste what I posted in another thread.

For L1 - NO QUESTION Uppermark study materials, Uppermark question/Testbank, and CAIA book as a reference.

I work in finance but don’t do any “analysis” at the moment per se, more research for a macro shop and assist in some idea generation execution.

The UpperMark testbank has 1755 questions in it , and the Final Mock Exam on the web site was 3x harder than the CAIA practice OR the actual exam.

I didn’t start mock exams/questions until the week beforehand (though I would do it differently next time), and I am very sure i scored in the 80-85% range. I had starred maybe 20-30 questions of the 200 on the actual test, and if I got ALL of those wrong, I’m still in the 80-90% range.

Took stats in college, but for the most part have done ZERO quant work at my job. 25 yrs old.

I was getting in the mid 70s-mid 80s on the UpperMark practice tests leading up to the night before the test.

You can also sort them according to your weak/strong sections, calculations or non-calcuations, or just crank out 200 straight Ethics questions, etc.

If you were scoring 80-90% on UM Testbank - you should be flying through the actual exam and passing with confidence.

I had a horrible experience with Uppermark and wouldn’t recommend it.

Well their customer service is super bad and keep in mind that they are pretty lazy when it comes to rearranging material in TestBank to coincide CAIA shifting material around between chapters.

did u use web or download version ?