Uppermark users vs Schweser Sep 2010 Level II

Just a small survey. For the Sep 2010 Level II who used 1. Schweser 2. Uppermark 3. Core Readings only I am 1. + some of the journal articles. My feedback - provided a good overview and quicker than reading through each journal article, but felt they lapsed on some areas and some key topics that came up as questions in the exam were missing.

1 only for me. I had a very compressed review schedule with changes at work and a second kid learning to sleep. Only a few instances of regret during my exam since CAIA leaves no small detail unturned.

1 & 3 but mostly 1

Did you guys feel adequately prepared by Schweser?

Schweser: I took the MCQ mock exams and did 82% and 78% in 1h15 instead of 2h each time. … On the actual exam I finished in 1’59’'99 with tears in the eyes I sent a mail to schweser about it. It seems that upper mark is more praised …?

Same here. Some of the Schweser exams Q’s bordered on being ridiculously easy.

I used Uppermark for both levels. Mocks and bank questions (especially for level 2) seemed to be not as detailed as those in the real exam. Also, I would add they were not focused enough on the calculations subjects. Personally, I was quite surprised with a number of questions involving calcs in the real exam level 2. It was much more above my expectation and easily represented between 25-30% of questions. Now, I can confirm that level two is tough.

Yeah the idea of a softball q like Schweser or Uppermark will give you is non existent, every question that you have is going to invole 20 to 30 seconds of at least looking over, there are no real click and move on ones on the test. I don’t know how anyone can say this test is easier than CFA Level I. I passed that thing no problem, the CAIA Level II however, is going to take me at least 2 tries though as I got raped this time.

They’ll be a curve, I bet you did better than you think once they put it in place. Hold your head up.

2 and 3 - March 2010 exam I used Uppermark for both levels. Very satisfied with the notes and qbank. Since they shipped materials for Level 2 very late, they also provided us with free videos. I think I passed because of videos since I did not have much to prepare for exams due to a full-time job and wedding preparation. I actually took the Level 2 test a day before my wedding. I highly recommend Uppermark

sorry I meant 2 + some articles

So does this mean Upper Mark is better than Schweser?

I used Uppermark for Level I and II — very pleased. They do an awesome job and provide a high level of customer service on a personal level. Let’s hope my results for Level II are favorable. Results are almost here!