UPS asked for duties for books!

I ordered the cirriculum to the UK, then I received a pink slip from UPS that I have to pay duties and VAT of £30. The parcel was clearly marked as “Educational books” yet UPS said they were “confused by the notion it was CFA Level II”, they said it will take… Two months to release these books from customs. I asked who was to blame. UPS said both UPS and customs… I complained to UPS and received an email saying it will take them 42 business days to investigate. Basically, I wanted to study early, paid $720 and now have to loose 2 months. What should I do?

Pay the 30 quid and move on. If you can get your money back from UPS, great, if not, just accept it as one of life’s taxes.

Is it possible to pay the duties first and get those textbooks and then report this issue to UPS and/or customs and ask for the refunds?

I was ready to pay, but they said it will take 42 working days to release. I have spent an hour today complaining. They promised to deliver books tomorrow without any fees and charges, let’s see.

If not, consider shelling out for the e-books. It sux that it is not your fault, but better than falling behind due to some red tape.

Got the books today, no fees!!! Just had to complain for a while.