UPS - Out for delivery

There goes my life again. But seriously looking forward to getting started early. No decision yet on whether I will purchse Schweser but if I manage to get enough reading in before the new year then I may just try and do it with CFAI text only. Used CFAI and Schweser texts for Level I …

I feel your pain… I should be getting my curriculum this afternoon. Nothing like the smell of fresh textbooks and the feeling of hours and hours of your life slipping away!

bros its august … just fyi

cmb7 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > bros its august … just fyi Oh I know, lol. I wanted to register before the 1st deadline so I didn’t see the point in waiting any longer. Also, I have to do a lot of prep work this fall since I may be slammed in the 1st quarter of next year and won’t be able to devote more than a few hours a week to the exam