UPS sucks. May not be able to take CFA L3 next year because of UPS.

UPS service sucks big time. The delivery man “came” to my home twice. According to the tracking website, the delivery man claimed that there was nobody in my house. But TWICE I was inside my house at that stipulated time. For the first attempt, the man left a note indicating that they were here. In the second attempt, there was no note at all. I only discovered that there was a 2nd attempt when I happened to check my UPS status on the website only to discover “someone” did try to visit my home 20 minutes beforehand! The wonderful part of the story is that UPS website SUCKS big time. There is no telephone number on its website. Its website is complicated like somekind of control panel for pilots. I just wanted to get a telephone number to call to a human but there was none. Fortunately, there was a toll-free number on the note left on my door during the first attempt. I managed to talk to a human and the operator was apologetic. They say they will arrange for it to be delivered tomorrow. I told the operator to remind the delivery man to press the door bell and call my mobile and residential telephone number. I felt so STUPID needing to teach the WORLD CLASS UPS on the importance of pressing the door bell. I believe the delivery man thought there was definitely nobody at home during office hours and probably didn’t bother to press the door bell. Actually, I suspect nobody came up to my place on the 2nd attempt otherwise there would have been a note. So looks like I might have to skip CFA L3 next year if I cannot get my text. Oh yes, I did order the eBook which I could study but the software sucks too and run too slow on my computer. To those who are thinking of order the ebook - forget it. I gave up reading after just 2 days.

You know its only September, right? The exam is in June of 2011…

You want some cheese with that whine?

Hey,if you don’t need the ebook,is it possible to give it to me? Will it work on any other computers? Thanks.

I understand your frustration, but don’t you think it’s a bit early in the study season to be packing it in for '11 due to lack of books?

Why does it seem like many people in this forum scream “Oh woe is me!” Man up.

get the text delivered to your work

I am frustrated as I cannot believe UPS did not even bother to press the door bell!

bell99 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I am frustrated as I cannot believe UPS did not even bother to press the door bell! Is your screenname a reflection of how many times you would’ve liked the UPS guy to ring the bell? …enjoy the few moments you have where you can’t study. Come May, all you’ll want to do is not have those books.

you have almost a year left until the exam!!! I started studying in January this year and passed LIII. relax

Um, sure this in inconvenient, but it’s hard to imagine that this would deter you from taking the test. Can’t you just call UPS and pick the books up at their shipping facility (I’ve done that before). Otherwise, you could just not use the CFA texts; mine never left the box.

thommo77 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > get the text delivered to your work +1 Especially if you live in a big city. I never have packages delivered to my house or they would become involuntary donations to the Homeless People of the Outer Richmond Neighborhood of San Francisco Fund.

irony - you being bell99 and the UPS guys not ringing the bell!

OMG bell99! You’re gonna have to relax…you have plenty of time. and you have plenty of time to worry about the test in June.

I got my parcel at last. This after I told them how to use the mobile phone to call me and use their fingers to press the door bell. To make it safer, I open my house door to ensure that they know someone’s inside just in case they think the entire family is out on a Saturday afternoon!

bell99, good sense of humour you have demonstrated here, however some of us are already in serious mode to be laughing at this joke. I hope you have already started on book 2? I missed my study yesterday, I went for swimming lessons in the evening.

Only the qbee can help you.