Upset b/c I feel that the test was 80% EASY and 20% IMPOSSIBLE so it makes it harder for ppl who KNOW it to pass, (raises curve)

When you give a test that’s 75% easy formula, general questions, and 20-25% that’s nearly impossible to guess, it evens the playing field b/t the people who don’t know much and the people who know 95% of the material REALLY well. Take those last couple PM questions - barely ANYONE will get those right, while most people will get the simple equity multiple questions rights. Just makes it easier for people who didnt study to pass and easier for people who studied really well to fail.

The last two vignettes with Derivs then PM, was a crappy way to end, what was otherwise a not too bad test.

agreed, the last 25% I didn’t have enough time. Kinda got into a rhythm of speed, then all of sudden, slammed into the wall.

The PM derivatives item set sucked, I’ll grant you that. But the portfolio management item set was not bad, and the final three questions were plug and chug if you recognized what formula applied (and knew the proper inputs).

Yeah, I knew there was a formula there for the last 2 I just never bothered to learn it. Hopefully I guessed right on one of the two. The 3rd to last question there will trick a lot of people if they didn’t know how to correctly apply the formula.

I know I got the last question correct, but for the last 20-25 questions, a lot felt like I need to beat simple probabilities in regards to educated oval filling.

agree with OP.

Wow I seem to have completely forgotten this test’s questions. However I clearly remember that the Portfolio Management questions where super straight forward for me. At the same time, the Fixed Income material destroyed me (I have NO idea what I was being asked for some questions…) while nobody seemed to have a hard time with it… Some times it boils down to preference you know? Easy for you, tough for someone else and vice versa.

That’s exactly what I said to my friend, this kind of test will come down to who guessed better in ethics, derivs, and fixed income. Everyone should be expecting above 70 in FRA, Equity, Corp. Fin, Quant, and Alternatives (even though Alts could have blindsided some people). Roll of the dice at this point, and I’m realizing now my ethics wasn’t as strong as I thought fml.

I guessed on 4 / 6 of the derivs AM questions and feel I creamed the PM deriv questions. It still boggles my mind that people think the AM was easier but I’m sure it comes down to material studied.

Same for me. I found PM to be a breeze by comparison. only the last 2 PM Qs stumped me. just hoping its not fools gold to feel good about it.

I’m sorry, but that’s just BS. I found FI one of the easier topics, but struggled with FRA. And there are a lot of people mentioning they struggled with AI or Equity or Quant. Like someone said elsewhere, it’s just a matter of personal preference, and a lot of people did not consider it to be an easy exam. It’s not because you found something easy, everyone did.

And if you scored above 70 in all those topics, you have a good chance of passing I guess.

I hope you’re right, I’m just bitter after taking this thing 4 times. Best of luck to you Hanna

Hanna I also found Fixed Income one of the easiest item sets apart from one of the questions which required a formula I hadn’t ever seen before or was able to create in the exam.

this is such a great way to describe the test. i feel i am boarderline pass/fail, i don’t know, yet i feel i knew so much damn information and there were so many tough topics i knew that were left out. meanwhile, i got right the stuff i was expected to get right, and had no choice but to take an educated guess at some of the stuff that made me thing i was studying for the wrong test

The same to you, Miss Cleo! I’m sure you made it this time.