urgent help with study plan with 30 days left !

So there are 30 days left for the December CFA Level 1 exam, and I am still to start studying properly. I know this is not a good scenario, but I’ve just got a break from work till the exam and will be able to dedicate all my awake hours to studying. I have purchased the Schweser books, and have completed only half of FRA. I’ve done my undergraduation in Economics. Is it possible for me to pass this exam? I need help to figure out how to use this time most efficiently.

Theoretically it is possible because 30 x 10 hrs = 300 hours, which is the rule of thumb for beginners. I have a feeling you will suck at FRA since you have no previous experience with accounting, which is the main demon in L1 and L2.

30 day vacation? Wow, why even bother with the CFA? You’re living large.

Of course it’s possible. You’ll just have to make good use of all the available time left. That’s not really something anyone can help you with, you just have to do it.