URGENT!!! Name mismatch

I just checked my exam ticket an realised that there is a mismatch in the name compared to my passport. My passport has both my first name and surname combined into a single given name whereas the exam ticket has it as separate first name and surname. I have already spoken to the people and sent my name change request forms. Just got a confirmation mail saying they won’t be working on Monday and will reply in another 2 days. I am really worried if it will be done in time.

Has any of you been through the same ? Kindly help. Very nervous

I don’t think there’s much to worry about. They are quick to fix such problems. Plus it’s not a major problem in my opinion. Read the “Examples of acceptable name variations” in the link.



Let’s try and get a handle on what is urgent and what is not.

Here is an example of something that I would actually consider URGENT!!! This person has a problem with their passport and the test is less than a week away.

Not understanding the Code of Ethics when the test is eight months away is not urgent.

Not knowing how to get four years experience when you haven’t even signed up for Level 1 is not urgent.

Wondering if 80%+ on your practice exams (with 32 days left to go) is good enough is not urgent.

Wondering if you should use Schweser or CFAI with nine months to go is not urgent.

Wondering when you will get your materials after you sign up for the test in September is not urgent.

For the love of God and all that is holy in this life and the next, please stop writing URGENT!!! on every single thread.

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If someone is coming at you with a hacksaw, then you can use urgent. Unless you didn’t make it to a Top 2 MBA program, then your urgent is directed at your hacksawer for him to go faster.

If some one is 45 yr old virgin,then they can use Urgent.LOL

This is the last place you should go if something is urgent.

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This one definitely is urgent but hopefully nothing to worry about.

I had a similar issue for level 2 where i stupidly got my passport expiry date wrong and then even more stupidly didn’t check my admission ticket until less than a week before the exam.

CFAI were able to fix it within 24 hours of receiving the form