Urgent! Need help picking an apartment

i’m staring a new ib analyst job in toronto soon and need some help deciding which apartment i take…i gotta make a decision by tonight :S both are 1 bedrooms with 5 appliances candidate 1 ($1450) - 300 meters from my office - right beside the subway station - laminate flooring - view is of a brick wall for the building next door candidate 2 ($1350) - 1km from my office/subway station (15min walk or 7 minute streetcar) - close to famer’s market - south facing view where you can kind of see the lake - carpet - neighbour has a dog (i’m not an animal person) the considerations: - how close do i really want to be to my office? - if i live far from the subway line, it’ll be harder for friends to come visit. - given that i’m working long hours in a cubicle all day, will the lack of view be a little make me clausterphobic? - candidate 2 smells like “pet”. i didn’t see any pets during my visit though…so could the smell be comming from the dog next door and seeping through the walls??? anybody with a pet/pet-odour-issue experience…PLEASE chime in here. how hard is it to get rid of pet odour?? any thoughts are much appreciated!


as someone from toronto as well…id def go with 1. Streetcars and walking will be a bitch in the winter.

yeah, that’s my thought too…#1 is practical, but just not sexy. it looks somewhat ‘tired’…

Probably the carpet - carpets contain the history of all who’ve treaded (and done worse) upon them

If you pick #1, you’ll probably be happy in the winter. And happier whenever we have another one of our annual TTC strikes.

What the heck is a meter? TIC

One of those things you put quarters in to park. In the city, meters are about 25 ft apart so 300 meters = 7500 ft = 1 1/2 miles. Pretty long walk to work.