Urgent Q: for those who have taken mocks

I am just about to take one right now. In hindsight, what would you say is best way to get maximum out of CFAI mocks? I have read that you only get answers at the end in a pdf file without reference to which Q you answered and what the actual one was. is that correct?? does that mean they merely provide LOSs relevant to answer? should I make a note on a piece of paper of what my answers were for each question to refer back to at the end? insight appreciated

I would definitely keep track of your answers on a piece of paper. The explanations give you both the relevant LOS, and a short explanation, but they don’t give you the exact answer.

thanks bob. feedback process in exam seems majorly flawed and inefficient. i should be concentrating on completing the exam but now I have to record info whilst I’m doing it. How pathetically anal…

I’ve heard some people have used CTRL-ALT-Print Screen and the CTRL-V into Word to take screen captures of the exam. It is not legal, according to the thing you are supposed to read and accept…just throwing it out there.

It’s something nobody does because it’s not legal but in theory it would be very useful.

sponge??? i can imagine an ethics question: A candidate shared on an electronic discussion forum of CFA candidates and members a rumour she had heard of how to Contrl Alt bla bla blaa …but added a disclaimer that it is llegal…Is it a violation…?

Nope. I could also describe how to manipulate certain securities markets, but that doesn’t mean I’m in violation.

interesting…we now view everything .most? things tru the lens called cfa…LOL