URGENTLY HELP: Is Stalla the same as Becker Professional Education

I ordered some Study Notes and Practice Questions from Stalla on line. Somehow my credit card did not work and so I have to use a wire transfer to Stalla account. When I asked for the account number an institution called Becker Professional Education gave me their account number? Is this right? Does someone know the connection between the two? I am scared of phishing. Please help.

a quick google search shows a strong link bettwen the 2… it seems safe to assume that stalla made by Becker Professional Education… but the question is the BPE you are dealing with the real one…or someone who set up an account to scam u… i guess i depends on how you conacted them or they contacted u

Could be depending on the country your in, so if your are from outside the United States for example they have other companies supplying their material, that has been my experience from Ireland, but if you are in the US maybe they have suppliers in other states…im not sure

Yes - it is the same company. CPA materials are Becker, CFA are Stalla. Same deal.

BECKER is for CPA = STALLA is for CFA. Same company, different “brands”. No worries!

Thank you so much for the advice. I will make the wire transfer on Monday with some comfort!