I converted my life saving to US$ earlier this year because I see some attractive investments. It was a bluff… I think I am about breaking even. But US Currency has sunk so much since… it is 1:1 to Canadian $ now… do you guys think US Currency will go back up? End of Year after the election? Any thoughts? BTW, I am a Canadian.

IMHO, We will probably see a run towards par, but quite a rebound after that. In short, Our exports-imports will suffer, China will loosen up a bit, and Canada will slow down. A lot of people say the optimal exchange rate is 1.14-1.17.

I heard the rate cut is a shitty move by the US which will drive the currency further lower… i can’t imagine that because it is already 1:1… OH NO!

should have hedged i guess

I’m in energy providers, gold, and non-us (mostly Canadian) assets, so things aren’t so bad these days after all.