US Dollar

Any of you guys keep any of your money (holdings) in other currencies in case of a dollar collapse?

It’s a tiny amount, but I left Brazil, I left about $2k in a bank account, mostly because 1) it was so darned hard to open an account as a foreigner that I wanted to keep the account open for potential future use, and 2) because I had no special access to good exchange rates and would have eaten 10% just to get the exchange done. People said I was crazy, given the history of hyperinflation, weak currency, etc… But 2/3 of it has been sitting in Bovespa for over 5 years now, and not only has the market performed well, but the currency has strengthened. The 1/3 I left in a dollar-linked account just in case things crashed turns out to have been the worst performing. You can also buy ADRs and just increase your holdings in foreign based companies, if you want to do it through equities.