US Foods that Non-US People Hate

This list just reminds me of how much processed food the average American consumes. Since we have a fair amount of non-US posters here, I figured I’d solicit any other US food items that non-Americans can’t stomach.

you got to be kidding me. bacon is on the list?? that author needs to be hacksawed

Root beer floats? Come on now.

I do like corn dogs, but at 400 calories a pop, I pretty much don’t eat them anymore.

But nothing on that list feels quite the same as Aussies and their Vegemite.

Although I don’t hate it, I won’t it anything (besides the chocolate maybe) on that list. Half of it is not even a food… Twizzlers? Snow cones? How is that a food?

Mac and cheese - shit is fucking disgusting

Not that the food from my country is any less horrible but eating out at a regular joint in the US is a disaster of equal proportions. I find portions too big and the food too salty and greasy, in general.

Corn dog is the king. It will take miliseconds to vomit.

Compared to all this garbage, mcdonalds seems to be a healthy alternative

I think there’s a fine line between good bacon and bad bacon. Different people like it different ways. That being said, the list mostly consisted of junk food. I can’t remember the last time I ate most of that stuff.

BChad is right about vegemite, that stuff’s disgusting. But ZeroBonus is wrong about Mac and Cheese, which is glorious.

CFASniper, when you say “regular joint” do you mean a nice sit-down restaurant or do you mean what would be average (like some fast food or cheap restaurant)?

I actually threw up the first time I tried vegemite. I can’t believe people wake up and decide that’s the first thing they want to eat.

Now, I’m going to go stir my root beer float with a bacon wrapped twizzler.

Obviously, you guys haven’t heard of / tried this vile thing called Marmite.

Deep fried mayonnaise balls?

Story time:

I was dating a girl who had never prepared or eaten bacon before and she decided that she was going to make me a proper American breakfast. So, she proceeds to trim all of the fat off of the bacon, leaving only the little needle slivers of meat. It was actually kind of delicious, like a hash. But, it shows that by some peoples’ standards the amount of fat on bacon is considered inedible garbage.

Oh come on now, Mac and Cheese is the win.

There is really nothing raunchy in American cuisine compared to some stuff that Asian people eat. That’s not meant to be a racist comment, it’s just an objective observation. I was served goose foot in China and funazushi in Japan.

You haven’t experienced nasty food until you’ve eaten rotting fish that is orange colored and looks / smells like cheese.

I just scrolled through that list and was like “I’ve read all this before on reddit.” Then realized the author stated in the first paragraph that he ripped it off an Askreddit thread.

So that’s what passes for interesting articles? Just rip off a reddit…

The list should differentiate between types of “non-US people”. Someone from England might have very different taste compared to someone from the Phillippines. A list like this should consist of food universally hated by non-US people. This is most likely not the case, based on what is actually on this list.

Also, clearly “RtardDan” is Canadian and based on his comment, should be regarded as a mortal enemy.

“American bacon looks weird to me, it’s too thin and every time I see a picture of bacon that someone who lives in America has made they’ve always cremated it. Juicy bacon is far better!” - RtardDAN

I guess it’s not plagiarism if you cite the source. I suspect that 99% of internet articles are referencing other internet articles anyway…

i agree with most of that list. US chocolate tastes like chalk, your bread and cheese are so processed and artificial that they hardly resemble real cheese and bread.

the Scottish are hardly known for our fine food but even we wouldn’t touch most of the things on that list. we may consider it if you threw in some sheep guts and deep fat fried it in batter though.

American bacon is okay but the real deal is " Samgyeopsal."

He’s probably British. our bacon looks like this:

Vegemite is great. I have it on my toast every now and then. I can see why americans dislike it, but I grew up eating it so not too bad.

I remember going to a Japanese restaurant in Fukuoka Japan. It was 5 courses of raw fish - absolutely disgusting, but I had to sit through it. Ended up in a Japanese hospital with food poisoning.