US Govt involvement a neg influence in Oil Industry

This one had me stumped for a few minutes - is US Govt involvement most likely a negative external influence in the oil industry or the tobacco industry? Hmmm - tobacco bad, mkay. Govt regulation bad. right. Hmmm - US invades oil-rich Iraq waging a war on terror. Bad. I’m betting that if you’re a Iraw based oil company, US Govt intervention could cause some problems. Tobacco regulation, cluster bombs. tough one. Hang on, sugary soft drinks are causing a diabetes epidemic too…

bad question i swear to god.,760396

the US govt does interfere. want proof? ANWR

Sure you could say ANWR for oil, or maybe not allowing soda machines in schools for soda, etc. However, those have miniscule impact on those industries and the question asks for “most likely”. Without a doubt the biggest albatross around the tobacco industry in the U.S. is gov’t intervention (whether it be Surgeon General or AG lawsuits all over the country).