US Immigration Dilemma - visa transfer denied, anyone with I-140 experience?

I recently ran into some major issues. My H1B extension got denied (I still have around 5 months left) while my I-140 is still pending.

The issue that H1B extension got denied was that USCIS doesnt seem to think that Bachelors in Physics + CFA makes me qualified for my current job (equity research). I am pretty ticked off since it seems kinda ridiculous to think that a govt worker is telling me I cant do my job properly.

More importantly though, my I-140 is pending and I am worried that I will have the same issue here (Educational degree not matching or qualified for equity research role). I was hoping someone who has I-140 approved can give me some advice about the topic?

Brah the only advice I can give you is to find a better immigration lawyer that understands the nuances of these complex filings. Back in the day a long time ago I went thru this with a degree in physics and math. It’s like the CFA charter approval process, many ways to spin a relevant experience and in this case, a degree. Don’t seek advice on forums, make sure the lawyer you are working is top notch and if you need to hire your own outside the sponsoring firm, consider that as well. Of course things might be tougher these days with this administration, I don’t know.