US Open at Merion

Any AF’ers going to the US Open this week? I have a pass for the week and am currently planning to go tomorrow’s practice round (Tuesday), and tournament rounds on Thursday and Saturday.

Don’t be the dbag with a flare.

I’m an old school tournament patron. Even the people standing next to me won’t realize I’m there.

Practice rounds are the best, no crowds, players work on stuff, hit mutlpile shots… I went to one in high school and a monday qualifier didnt have a caddie so I got to caddie for a day.

US Open is probably going to be packed and everyone’s going to be super serious. I guess Sunday would be the best for a major, but its probably so hectic.

I’ve been to a couple of Opens and the PGA, and practice rounds are a ton of fun. The players are a lot more relaxed, so they’ll actually interact with fans while they’re playing. It’s also facinating to watch some of their practice techniques, particularly on the greens. They let you bring cameras to the practice rounds as well. Sunday’s round is a PITA because you’re pretty much compelled to stay until the final group finishes 18, which means you’re leaving at the same time as everyone else and unless you get to 18 early in the day and sit there all day you won’t get to see anything anyway.

I hate higgs so much this week.

lol @ Sergio.

flares are boss if done right.

we need to get some of that atmosphere into these sports…

^ Very unlikely.

Edit: Prior to today, and ignoring Tiger as the obvious favorite, my money would have been on Kuchar, McDowell, and Snedeker. Kuch and Sneds aren’t looking too good right now though.

My five-man fantasy team vs. some buds has Kuchar, Snedeker and Oostheisen on it. Jesus H. Nice showing so far fellas.