US Open proved...

That Federer is greatest. I remember watching Fed 3 years back when he was winning 3 slams a year. It all seemed so effortless. Murray really grind this one out. Can he win 16 more? 5? Now, now, lets not get ahead of ourselfs.

Feds is done. You are going through a nostalgic phase.

Definitely. Federer in the decline of his career is about as good as Murray.

I don’t know how it proved Fed’s the greatest. and that was more like 5-6 years back. He won 12 of his 17 before 2007, when Nadal was 21-22 and Djokovic and Murray were 19-20. And his competition was Ferrero, Roddick, Hewitt, Safin, Moya, Davydenko and Nalbandian. No disrespect to any of these men but I don’t think their primes were as good as Djokovic, Murray and Nadal.

The match proved that you cannot expect anyone to play two very intense matches (one of them a 5-setter) in two consecutive days, especially not towards the end of the year. Not even these supremely fit athletes. Clearly, you guys can see that I’m a Djokovic fan.

Picture yourself trying to do squats with Serena Williams on your back. Do it now.

Thought you might like it.

Seriously, winning Wimbledon is so 2 months ago. Move on people.

Federer has actually won 8 Grand Slam titles from 2007 on, not 5. Since Nadal won his 1st of 11 GS titles in 2005, Federer has won 13 GS titles. Since Djokovic won his 1st of 5 GS titles in 2008, Federer has also won 5 GS titles. While the days of Federer winning 3 per year are gone, it’s a little premature to say he’s out of the mix.

please never use “squats” and “Serena Williams” in the same sentence again . please . please. Serena Williams A bikini clad Serena Williams enjoys a day on the beach with her friends in South Beach. She takes a dip in the water to cool off, then has a snack of chips and salsa, and goofs off with her friends before leaving.

I was counting the 3 he won in 2007. So what i was trying to say is that he won 12 from 2003-2007. So that was my mistake, I shouldn’t have used ‘before 2007’. And i wasn’t trying to say he’s out of the picture. Probably not for another two years or so. I was merely pointing to the fact that this match in no way showed us that Fed’s the greatest.

I think that if you take the primes of each of these four, its a toss-up. Fed’s probably the greatest ever but u gotta admit, he got a bit lucky having no competition in the early years when he was stacking up on GS titles.

It’s just going to get worse for Feds from now. Yes he won Wimbledon and did well at the US open, but next year he will be a year older in his 30s. Agassi might have pulled it off when Pete was the only competition in town. Feds has at least 3 in front of him that are younger and hungrier…and dare I say more talented at his point of his career.

Gottcha. It’s hard to argue the competition thing either way though. One could argue that Federer was so good in this prime that he made the competition look weak. Maybe if there was no Federer, the guys he was dominating would have 5 or 6 majors each and would be considered some of the greatest players ever. I’m more of a golf fan and the same thing comes up in the Tiger v. Jack debate. People who think Jack is the greatest ever (I’m in that camp) ask where are the Trevinos, Players, Watsons, Palmers, etc. that Tiger is (was) beating. People who think Tiger is the greatest ever say that Tiger is so good that the other guys just never had a chance. There is certainly some validity to both sides.

Serena can look really good when she puts her mind to it.

Bjorn Borg is the best ever. Bonus points for aging well. That’s a handsome fella right there.

Djokovic’s Mom is a solid MILF.

Was this really an “End the Fed” thread?

I just threw up my lunch after seeing that Serena pic. On the other hand, my team could use an extra linebacker these days.

Hahaa I used imagine breaking graphite Tennis rackets over Jen Capriati’s back. But Serena Is da bomb