US recession good for CFA charter??

I think this crisis is good for CFA charter since it will seperate serious CFA candidates who really are serious about finance and are passionate about it from those who wanted to do this charter just to get into an industry that was going only one way that is up I think with a lag effect we will see enrollments in CFA program dipping a wee bit…

I’ll take the other side and say enrollments will increase as people are laid off and go get more education in order to be more attractive in the job market. Probably just urban legend, but I heard that the Series 7 got easier in bear markets as a way to get more people into the industry.

I say CFA enrollment plummets, as the analyst jobs begin to disappear from IBs, HFs, PEs, AMs, etc. This will shift people out of finance and into other areas of business, or other industries all together. Just my opinion.

I think i will become a plumber, or maybe even a chimney sweep. With everyone going back to school to be a lawyer, doctor, investment banker, programmer, blah blah blah,…blue collar jobs like these will command a premium. no one wants to do them, yet they are necessary and pay well.

^^^ There are plumbers in London (I’m talking about salaried employees, not sole proprietors) that make £100k a year ($200k). One firm, famously, pays that to have polite, well-presented employees that show up on time and are available around the clock. The staff get £100k a year and they mostly wait around for calls (otherwise they couldn’t guarantee being on-time).