Use 09 LII schweser for 2010 exam?

I got 09 level 2 Schweser Notes from a friend who passed the exam recently~ so im wondering if it’s fine to use the 09 version~ well, certainly I wanna save some money (T.T currently unemployed)~ but @same time, i don’t wanna fail LII exam simply because old notes don’t cover new topics. please share what you think. thanks a loooooot~

If I were in your situation, I would just use the CFAI books.

I have the 2009 version as well. I’m reading the CFAI books and will supplement it with the 2009 version of SchweserNotes. I’m going to follow any 2009-2010 changes for L2. I’ve already printed them out. For new materials that are not included in the 2009 SchweserNotes, read it in the CFAI books. For old/changed materials still included in the 2009 SchweserNotes, skip. Kapish! 2009 - 2010 - Curriculum Changes for L2 2009-2010 - Detailed Curriculum Changes for L2

Hello Mister Walrus Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > If I were in your situation, I would just use the > CFAI books. I agree. We’re 9 months out from the exam and you aren’t working 50 - 60 hours a week. There is plenty of time to study thoroughly straight from the source.

I’ve been using both so far. We’ll see what happens as time progresses. In my opinion, readings such as the Soft Dollar Standards and the Research Objectivity Standards are both extremely brief in Schweser. I got A LOT more out of the reading when I went through them with the CFAI texts. From what I’ve heard about the L2 this past June, I would not be surprised to see an obscure question based on a single sentence from those readings that I didn’t get out of Schweser.