Use of CFA designation when on a career break

Does anyone know if one can retain the post-nominals whilst studying for an MBA etc.?

Eg. You are a charterholder, you renew your membership in August 2016 and then commence a 1 yr full-time course in September 2016 - can you put CFA after your name when applying for jobs in July 2017?

Or do you have to use some horrible phrase like “CFA exams passed, membership lapsed and I may be eligible to become a charterholder again upon recommencement of financial employment”?

And yes, I’ve written to CFAI over 10 working days ago and they haven’t replied.

There is a retired status if you’re not doing something that qualifies as acceptable work experience and if you’ve been a member for at least 5 years. Here is the form:

Yes, if you’re a member, you can use it.

Yeah as far as I am aware you don’t actually need to be employed at all to use the CFA designation…as long as you pay your membership dues then you can use the “CFA” designation after your name.

The reason they have “retired status” CFA etc is for those who will be out of the finanical industry long term and don’t wish to pay the full amount of the full membership dues but still wish to signify they were a full CFA Charterholder.

But yeah, as long as you don’t mind paying, it doesn;t matter whether you are doing an MBA, unemployed, employed…whatever.

Want to really gain the upper hand? Cheat the system by using the CFA designation on your tombstone *WITHOUT* paying dues when you’re six feet under.


Would the CFAI be heartless enough to take it away in the system because of this action? #probably

as long as you renew PCP annually, and pay the money, of course you can be a CFA charterholder. doesn’t matter if you actively in ER, or digging ditches in Idaho.

if you do not pay annual due you cannot use CFA.

But the good thing you can re-activate any time.

In ACCA you do not have to pay but if you decide after say 5 years to pay again they will also charge you last 4 years you didn’t pay…