Use of CFA designation

Can anyone help? is it a violation if it states in a report:

  1. John Smith, CFA - not a violation

  2. John Smith CFA - is this a violation?

  3. John Smith, Chartered Financial Analyst ?

  4. John Smith Chartered Financial Analyst ?

the comma or no comma is an interesting debate people have had

1 no violation

2 no violation (no where in code and standards, paricularly Vii does it state that you need to use a comma or not)

3 violation

4 violation

^ Wrong, 3 and 4 are not violations

if chartered is spelled correctly

oops my bad, totally forgot that you could use the full words

Corrected, thanks.

Appreciate the input.

I know that saying “John Smith is a CFA” is a violation. But how about saying “John Smith is a CFA Charterholder”?

CFA charterholder, CFA is an adjective.

Josh Smith is a CFA, CFA is a noun

Saying someone is a charterholder is ok.

Saying someone is a CFA is not ok.