Use of CFA Designation

“Individuals who have completed the CFA Program have the right to use the CFA designation”

Right or Wrong?

I was confused since I wasnt sure if completion of Work Experience requirements are to be included in the CFA Program. Any suggestions?

Wrong. Passing all three levels doesn’t give you the right to use CFA designation. Work experience is necessary.

48 months of approved work experience AND passing 3 levels are required to use the CFA charter

So by ‘CFA Program’ it only refers to the three exams?

And staying current with your dues.

And signing your yearly professional conduct statement.

I guess it depends on what “completing the CFA program” entails.

But I would say that is a false statement. You have to sign the conduct statement and pay money. No one rides for free!

and making sure to flush before leaving the toilet

Completing the CFA program means COMPLETING the entire program!

Of course it includes work experience.

Some of you are reading waaaay too much into it.

Disagree. If this was a question on an exam (and it very well could be), the answer would be NO.

Actually you may be right, you have to be paying membership fees in order to call yourself a CFA, say if you have completed the program and stopped paying fees, you can’t say you are a charterholder.


Don’t get a license plate that reads, “CFA DUDE”.

Lol. Good one!

And staying alive.

not necessary,u can still have it if ur not alive but ull have to mention it on ur PC statement that u aint alive