Use of CFA on a domain name??

Can I buy a domain with CFA on it like or as my domain name. I’m thinking of teaching CFA classes after June? I have seen a few active sites like; https://

email CFAI

No, you cannot. I went through this 17 years ago when I started AF.

What’s up with those websites above then (CFA tutor)? Are they in a different country or something?

Oops, a friend that I intend to start the tutoring business with, wrote to CFAI and got this reply today:

“Thank you for your question which was forwarded to me. CFA Institute does not permit the incorporation of its trademarks in the domain names of third parties. We would not permit you to register “” or “” since this would infringe upon our trademarks. As for the other several domains you mention that have CFA trademark - thank you for bringing them to my attention. I will review the websites and take appropriate action.

Please feel free to contact me directly with your proposed domain names to be sure that they are acceptable."

Change your legal name to CFA. Then you should be ok with using CFAtutoring. Because it’ll be “you” tutoring :slight_smile:

Say you are a cat fancy hobbyist who just happens to be interested in finance.

Just run a seach for CFA trademarks online:

There are a bunch of live word marks with CFA in different industries…

what kind of CFA tutor are you if you can’t even spot this simple Code of Ethics violation? It’s in the bloody book.

I always find it humorous when people think somethigng will be allowed because “someone else has done it”

As a side note, one may wish to change their handle here :wink:

or just initials Christopher Frank Adams

they are older than the CFAI (1947)