Use of CFAI's Qbank

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What are the thoughts of using CFAI’s Q-bank? Use it as part of the review at the end? or using it as part of regular post reading in tandem with the end of chapter “Practice Problems”?

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Hey, my advice is definitely save it to the end. I found it very helpful in the few weeks leading up to the exam. I kind of got sick of looking at the same blue box and EOC questions and found the CFAI Qbank questions a good change of pace. I think it’s value as a learning tool is greater if you save it until the end.

I’d suggest to use it as you go…solving questions is the best way to cement your knowledge. Do CFAI qbank, eoc, blue boxes and past essay questions per subject/study session as you go rather than leave it to the end. You can leave the most recent years essay questions for the end of study though

They were quite useful. I used them in the final month of prep.

My strategy was this

  1. Read books - highlight all the “list type items” - and make notecards of every “disadvantage/Advantage” there is. and complete every example they have making flash cards along the way. 2) Watch videos - which gave me even more items to make notecards of 3) I now had my “baseline level” of flashcards and all the easy work was out of the way. 4) I began probably 3 months before the exam day using the online question bank. I would start with one topic, and build up my flash cards along the way with every problem I saw. After I completed that subject I then started reviewing that subjects flash cards every mother fucking day - it was a quick process at first, but gradually, it would take almost 2 hours of studying to go through the whole deck by the end. 5) only after I completed the online question bank, I then did mock exams. I used 2015-2018’s mock exams - with lots of other supplemental questions from previous years exams (mainly just the IPS questions).

That was my strategy to a T.

thank you all.


Can you share more about how you reviewed the materials and took the tests?

Especially how you mastered a particular topic area?


You want to start doing the questions several months before the exam. It takes a long time, and you want to get through them more than once.