Use of Factual Data from Well Known Entities

Little confused about the updated standards on Misrepresentation. Am I reading this correctly that even factual data must be cited now? Based on the examples in the book this appears to be the case, but would love some other opinions.

does not need to be cited if by well know entities (ie. S&P, banks etc). otherwise cited.

Hmm… I guess this is what threw me off: “Comment: Copying verbatim any material without acknowledgement, including plain-language descriptions of the P/E multiple and standard deviation, violates Standard I©. Even though these concepts are general, best practice would be for Zubia to describe them in his own words or cite the sources from which the descriptions are quoted. Members and candidates would be violating Standard I© if they were either responsible for creating marketing materials without attribution or knowingly use plagiarized materials.”

exactly Jdane, i was a bit suprised at this also …the CFAI seems to want you to always fully disclose sources of info and err on the side of caution…

This has been updated versus past questions. You now have to cite all sources (including s&p) unless they’re a conduit (ie you see a bank of England chart in the ft - you need to source BoE, but not the FT)

Sins - that’s what I thought (and what I’m going with on test day for that matter). Seems Schweser hasn’t updated their questions yet (practice exams, volume 2, exam 3, 23.2)