Use of narcotic study aids in finance?

Read an interesting article last night about how (if I recall correctly) something like 30% of a sample of young academics had anonymously admitted to using prescription concentration-enhancers/wake-ups or other forms of narcotic study aids in a non-prescription fashion. I believe the main drugs they were looking for were ritalin, provigil, and dexadrine. I couldn’t find the original study online, but found a somewhat related article in the Cambridge campus newspaper, which is (if memory serves) where the study I read was done: So, with this preface, I was curious if any of you know of finance-industry colleagues in general that have used any of these drugs, or others like them, to get ahead either academically or in a work setting? I don’t know of any, but then again where I live/work is a pretty sleepy backwater in the scheme of global finance.

I just use ephedra, it wont make me concentrate that much more but sure gives me energy out the ying yang…

I smoked marijuana in college but I never inhaled.

Gents…get real. You cannot [honestly] expect to clear any serious exam while under the influence. Clean living, and the occassional drinking binge…that’s the key. Willy

JoeyDVivre Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I smoked marijuana in college but I never inhaled. So, you’re saying that you were qualified to be president in the 90’s, but no longer are?

They’ve upped the requirement; president now requires doing coke in the 80s, I think.

I agree with Willy, but with so many university students seemingly joining the party, I was wondering if any of it has spread out of that realm. Guess no one would speak up anyhow…

I was on aderroll but, I dropped it because it required me to keep increasing the dose to get the desired effect. Worked wonders for concentration and productitvity though. Now I’m just addicted to energy drinks

Pah. The key is to target the right reading with the right drug. * FSA you need concentration and a grasp of minutae - so caffeine and nicoteine are good * Portfolio management is all big concepts, you need a bit of weed to make this work * Equity valuation is a bit depressing and boring, so you need some uppers to keep the grey matter working - some speed would do nicely here. * Quant can get a bit mind bending, so you need to bend it back with some acid. * Ethics, you need a total attitude readjustment. Smoking crack works well here. There was some research done a while back that things you learn whilst under the influence, you forget when sober, but remember when back under the influence. Hence why pool is best played drunk. In order to remember all the stuff you learnt through the course, on exam day, you need to take everything all at once. Assuming your heart survives, you are 100% guaranteed to pass! The key is register to take the exam in Amsterdam, so you can easily top up in the midsession interval.

Chris You do not refer to Mez-Kal-Lin, Ex-Sta-Cy, Mushrooms or Chasing the Dragon … this leads me to conclude you are only a Level 1 Candidate. clearly a level 3 candidate…

I was injecting HGH while taking both Level II and III. It didn’t help with passing the exams, but I was suddenly hitting .500 and tripled my HRs for my softball team.

Kids at college always used aderral to pull all nighters. I think it gave them a leg up as I would be passing out on my books come 6AM and they were still going strong, not even glancing away from their textbook for hours on end.

WillyR Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Gents…get real. You cannot expect to clear any > serious exam while under the influence. Clean > living, and the occassional drinking > binge…that’s the key. > > Will It can be done.

drugs are bad for u. Time management + High IQ + cheating = succeed in college.

Technically speaking, I highly doubt anyone would take a narcotic as a study aid. Stimulants like adderall will help you study.

I guess that’s what I meant? … I guess I give away the fact that I’m not too knowledgeable on drugs.