Use of Scratch Paper

Check this out I did a couple of scribbles on my exam ticket paper??? what next?

I accidentally smeared my ticket too: a thin barely visible line in the margin while I was juggling with all of my six #2 HB pencils and two HP12C calculators… I erased it to be on the safe(er) side…

just curious: when they say they disciplined people who “presented with improper ID”, are these people who simply didn’t have a drivers license or passport, for example, or they had an expired one? are they saying those people were actually disciplined for that, and not for trying to impersonate someone else?

Last year I wrote 2 #'s on my seat ticket little piece of paper- they were 2 problems I skipped and I didnt want to forget about them by writing or circling in the book. Proctor walking by scolded me, took the paper, and there was an official investigation. Nothing happened, letter in the mail, but they dont mess around about it

I kept my pencils and sharpener over my ticket and occasionally stressed that I would make errant marks just by switching pencils. What a waste of test-time paranoia that I should have been saving for the dodgy question tricks. Interesting that they don’t care if its folded or crammed in your pocket beforehand. A lot of test takers’ tickets looked mark-free but somewhat woeful.

You have to cram the ticket into your pocket because you’re not allowed to carry any bags… I saw lots of people carrying it out in the open in a plastic pocket they disposed of right before entering into the exam room so not to accidentally smear or fold the ticket… In any case, regarding passports, I recall having read on these boards about some eastern European guy who was living in the UK, with a work permit, and whose passport expired right before the exam but he could not get a new one in time because the procedure - it then proved! - should take several, several months in his home country (whichever country that was). I assume he could have been among those who in desperation show up with an “improper ID” unless he managed to get a UK ID card made out in the very last minute (very unlikely) the last thing I recall about that affair is a post mentioning him travelling on a whim to some southern London suburb where they had or have a government authority administering these foreigner’s ID cards… can’t recall I ever saw or heard any follow-up post again so it probably all amounted to nothing. That attempt would not work next year, mind, because of the change regarding the allowed types of identification. I wonder what happened to that guy in the end, maybe he took the exam this year instead.