Used a 2B pencil for the PM. Should I be worried that it might not be machine readable?

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LOL, seems like you already are if you created the thread to discuss this.

Just chill, it will be read. If you get band 0, then you know it didn’t work, but you can send a request to do a manual check. I am sure you will be fine.

Get over such thoughts man. You ll be fine atleast on that.

Nah man… i’d call CFAI to confirm because my friend who did that 1 year failed like complete 0% bottom of the barrel. Be proactive and call CFAI

scratched my ass and farted out loud during the exam… should i be worried ?

Yup, definitely misconduct under professionalism. Thou shalt not fart.

He could but not loud.

Ah touché Flashback, classic caveat under the Ass Music Code (AMC)

I used the same pencil, 2B for my exam. Wondering if it did bring any trouble for you by using the 2B? Thanks for answering