Used CFP Books

I already have the CFA and am going to sign up for the CFP. They have an education requirement that you can bypass if you have the CFA, but I’d like to review the information. The Schweser books are about $100 each (5 or 6 books). Does anyone know of a good cheap book that has everything you need to take the CFP exam but without the price tag?

Greenman is the resident CFP expert around here.

Why would you do this? Have you already done the required education? I think even with a CFA charter, you still have to do the capstone of the CFP educational requirement.

maybe buy some used materials, like off ebay?

OP’s failure in referencing the charter in the first post makes me question if he really has “the CFA.”

^Lots of people say “I’m a CFA” or “I have my CFA”. Not technically correct (according to the CFAI Gods), but I didn’t think much about it.

And Palacios is the CFP expert. He’s 90% done with it. I have never even started looking at it. Don’t know if I ever will.

Probably the only reason to do the CFP is so I can get the notoriety that comes with the initials. Don’t want to lose business simply because I’m not a “professional” instead of a DJ.

^ It will be a walk in the park for you. Also gives you the opportunity to get out of the house.

The reason I’m interested in the CFP is because I’m going to have some clients on the side and I don’t know much about some of the tax issues, estate planning etc that the CFP covers. I realize that the exam will not be that difficult for someone who passed all 3 CFA exams. I’ve seen different CFP books on Amazon and Ebay, I’m just not sure if they are comprehensive enough. Does anyone know of a good CFP book that covers the material but doesn’t cost too much.

I would go with Schweser, but I’m not looking to spend $400-$500 if I don’t have to.

Money Education has very comprehensive (in my opinion) text books. That said, Schweser was by far the cheapest option I saw anywhere. Were you planning on doing Schweser’s capstone?

I doubt this is true.

The Investments section won’t be difficult, but it’s only 1/6 of the CFP curriculum, I believe.

It’s more valuable than CAIA or FRM in your field.

I’d go with Schweser. That said, I did the education program with the College for Financial Planning. I would not recommend it. The books are poorly written and use very legal-type language. I also bought the following book:

Don’t buy it. The chapters are short and barely cover each topic.

I found the materials on Investopedia to be pretty good.