Used highlighter..

I used a highlighter to just mark half a sentence then a proctor told me that it was not allowed. She asked me to keep it below my chair/ desk. I did not use it again during the whole exam. I had not read the rules on the ticket this time, I assumed highligher will be allowed because of the case studies. I am in the habit of reading case studies and highlighting important points. Will my candidate status be cancelled? I am too scared to even think about being banned by CFA…

are you nuts? relax

Dude, chill.

But I just read the test ticket today. It states that highlighter, correcting pens, knives etc are not allowed in the exam room. Didnt I violate the standard in taking one into the exam room??? I have a sinking feeling that my result will be with-held!

they usually send a letter stating that you have violated the CFA standard …but that it will not affect your candidacy.

dude, did they write you up? or just verbally scold you?

It’s a mistake. It’s not cheat. They can’t be that strict

You are fine. . . worst case you get some letter. . . and continue in the quest that is the CFA designation.

Yes you violated the standards. That’s why the proctor told you to keep it below your seat which you did. No worries, she won’t even have reported it because there is no way she thinks you have cheated. You can make mistakes, even with regards to the CFA Institute.

99% that proctor doesn’t give a sh!t