Useful links or tips for CFA preparation ?

Anybody have any useful sites to help with studying for the CFA? I ran across this one.

after the 100’s of hours i spent looking for such links i found the secret and it is realy easy: study with schweser or elan or BEN-LADEN, or CFAI books… take a mock… if you ace it good, keep reviewing… else your doing something wrrong, put in more hours, focus more, or maybe what you are using does not work for you, ie your using CFAI books but your too smart and your being bored to death, or your using schweser and your not smart enough, so you need to study CFAI books first you seem to be new to the site buddy ( from you register date), you will find a lot of good things and tips on this site but remmber its not about finding some secret page on the web that tells you how to do it, its about you working hard and figuring out what works for you

this one gets me through the darkness: