Useful PDFs/Guides

I’m about to face several weeks without internet access outside of the office and didn’t have room to pack any books. Does anyone have recommendations for good free PDFs that I could download in the next day or two to read later? I’m open to mostly anything in the investment universe that has a few decent points to glean from it. To give you an idea, I DLed a few basic ones off of Investopedia (Electronic Trading [minimally useful, but picked up a few things on ECN, LI/II/III access, etc.], Market Strength, Technical Analysis). TradeKing has some good stuff on advanced options strategies, but it’s all web-based. “Why don’t you Google it?” responses need not apply. I’ve done some poking around, but there is a lot of junk to sift through and ads to purchase. Anyone who happens to know of any decent documents off hand, I’d appreciate it.

I couldn’t live without either books or the Internet. I would quit the job first. Suggest you give notice.

The CFA website has the entire code of ethics in pdf format. :slight_smile:

^ That’s funny.

Didn’t MIT announce a policy of putting all undergraduate courses online for free access? Haven’t tried it myself, but might be worth poking around.

go to about dot com and poke around… you can learn all kinds of useful things there.

Click this link and print out the PDF in color, study it day and night and you will be a market wiz.

How about all of benjamin Graham’s lectures: These lectures are from the series entitled Current Problems in Security Analysis that Mr. Graham presented at the New York Institute of Finance from September 1946 to February 1947. The book provides an abridged version of this content. The full text of the transcripts are contained within this website.

Here is MIT’s site, does not work that well. Those MIT guys don’t know how to use a computer. Here are some other sites, not to much CFA related but still interesting

MIT: specifically, Sloan school: Looks like you can discover stats, accounting, finance at a minimum… interesting papers on probability.

The absolute best material on asset valuation and corporate finance is available online: (see “Seminars” e.g.)

i recently downloaded 1g of fiannce book from torrents. that is what i suggest. the material that i downloaded is awesome. Fabozzi series, financial engineering/mathematics, financial economics, portfolio management, corp finance, financial analysis, technical analysis, biographies, real estate, hedge funds. everything from introduction to PHD level material is available. just depends on your taste. I recommend you do a search on torrents on finance books.

Darien, Danke for the link to the valuation page. Great stuff!!!

Darien, thank you for sharing this great resource!

Darien, u da bomb!

The Damodaran site is great! It was actually called the best finance site on the net by forbes. Also, this is why they say the best things in life are free: