Usefulness of Schweser QBank

Hey all,

Took L1 in December and passed with more room than I expected, and I thought the Schweser QBank was the biggest asset.

Now studying for L2 since just after the New Year.

I’ve read a few posts in the Level II seciton of the site and it seems like the feeling is that the Schweser QBank isn’t as helpful for Level II.

Can anyone speak to this?


Qbank will only guide you to the key concepts in each reading. The questions are only drills to make you think about those concepts. Rarely you will see a vignette like the real deal. So yeah, use it to gauge your progress and understanding, but not as a learning tool.

Wiley’s practice questions came with the study package I purchased and so far, I’m pretty impressed. I’d say that 65-70% are vignette style which has been really helpful; much more than the Schweser Qbank this time around.