Using 2007 schweser

Hey everyone, i’m writing L2 in June and i got the 2007 L2 notes from a friend and don’t really wanna purchase the 2008 set… anyone in the same boat and have any suggestions to bridge the gap/figure out which readings to ignore (from 2007) and add (from 2008 material)? Thanks!

Frankly, Stogart, if I were you I’d watch Tim Smaby’s introduction first (at the Schweser site) and not decide whether or not to buy the current study notes until I had seen his lecture. I’m under the impression that there are some significant changes in the curriculum, and that you just might be under a disadvantage if you try to wobble along on the 2007 curriculum, but that’s just my impression… :slight_smile:

Go for the CFAI books then but do not rely on old material. It’s not worth failing the exam over a few cents.

I’m using the CFA books and Schweser 2007. However, the Schweser notes are just a supplement to the CFA books. There are a lot of changes, so I only rely on the notes for clarificacion of specific topics and extra practice problems.

stogart, email me at “v dot raghavan at yahoo dot com” and I will send you the LOS changes so far I have identified and the learning/reading delta between 2007 and 2008

i think it is sufficient to use the 07 notes + cirriculum on the new LOS