Using 2014 Elan Guides materials for now

Hello Everyone,

I will be taking the CFA level 2 exam this upcoming June. I was supposed to take it last June, but due to some personal reasons had to push the exam back one year.

I bought the Elan Guides materials for 2014, and am thinking of using them for now until i get the 2015 material ( which should be sometime in early January).

I have checked the curriculum changes in the CFA and although there are new readings ( esp in fixed income) most of the curriculum is the same.

Would it be ok to use the 2014 books for now ( focusing on the readings that havent changed), or should i just order the new books and wait for them?

You should be ok, I think.

Should be fine if you are aware of the differences.

Yeah, I’m doing the same exact thing as you. I especially like their 11th hour guide, which I have been using to review during my commute. I’ve gone through most of Equity using the curriculum and referencing with the 11th hour guide and I have found there to be literally no changes. I was nervous as well that perhaps there were slight LOS changes in the readings, but so far so good. If anyone knows if there is a 2015 vs 2014 LOS by LOS comparison available that would be awesome.,

Conclusion from what I’ve read though is that the 2014 material will be pretty much the same except for the chapters which have been added/removed.

about summary LOS Changes, i am using this :

most of all videos Wiley Elan at this moment are 2014 products, videos with significant changes has not been released yet.

i am also starting with FRA (2 first study session).

You have an advantage using 11th Hour Guides, i still didn’t have that books yet :frowning:

Thanks man, good find. +1

You might be able to find a 2014 version for sale somewhere, I’d highly recommend it, it’s great for retaining the material. I just don’t get how possibly one of the most important study tools is projected to be sent out in the Spring by Elan. There can’t be that many changes YoY.

The only thing I’d be careful of is the fixed income readings compared to last year. I haven’t read them yet for 2015 but looks like that section has been re-worked and been given a higher weighting this year so I think thats a big topic you’d want to study from the 2015 materials.