Using 2014 material for 2015?


I unsuccesfully attempted the level 1 exam in June this year for the first time and I intend to sit it again in June - wanted to know if the same reading materials can be used? Does anyone know?



It CAN be, but in my opinion it is wise to purchase the most up to date material.

You are spending nearly $1000 to write this exam, why cheap out now?

The additional purchase is unjustified. Prehaps dhweats holds some equity in cfai? :wink:

Very little changed from 2014 to 2015. You can find some threads that detail the specific changes and fill in the blanks.

lols I wish.

But I respectfully disagree. If I’m posting $1000 and 400hrs of my time, I will be making sure I can do everything possible to pass.

When you register for the 2015 exam, you’ll receive a set of the 2015 material. It omes with the price of registration. So I’m not seeing the point of the question (unless you didn;t know this).

^ maybe OP is referring to physicals because OP doesn’t use ebook

yeah OP might be referring to hard copies…I too find ebooks hard to read…


This post of mine should help you out figure out what has changed:

Good luck,

Arif Irfanullah, CFA

Ah so I could theoretically pick the new LOSs out of the new material? Also I wasn;t aware of any material I received when I registered for the 2014 June exam. Do I find this on the CFA website?