Using a local analyst society's review course

The June '09 exam will be my first time writing for the exam and I have registered with a local analyst society’s review course as opposed to one of the exam review vendors. It seems like the majority of people use the vendors but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the analyst society’s course specifically Boston’s.

Am I the only one not using Schewser, Stalla, or any other of the prep courses?? Has anyone gone through any analyst society for their review???

Seems silly to not get Schweser as it covers everything which is covered on the exam. It seems to me that the reviews are far too costly and you are much better off on your own if you have enough discipline to study

A guy I work with did it using BSAS books…he passed just fine. At the end of hte day, it’s not so much which course you use - it’s all about making sure you ACTUALLY use all the info they have.

From my own research the only extra benefit you get from a local society’s prep course is that you’ll get live professors to ask questions to. The local one here in So Fla uses Schweser materials anyway.