Using BAII for standard deviation of expected return


what is the quickest way to use the BAII for deriving the standard deviation of an expected return? eg The expected value of the company return is the probability weighted average of the possible outcomes: (0.20)(0.20) + (0.50)(0.15) + (0.30)(0.10) = 0.145

Tried 2nd DATA and 2nd STAT, but it does not work.


I had to wait two days for my account to get approved to respond to this. In a weighted average calculation, there is no need to divide by n because the weights already give the distribution for you already.

Question was what is the fastest way to calc the standard deviation for an expected return with the BAII? thanks

2nd Data

X01=0.2, Y01=2

X02=0.15, Y02=5

X03=0.1, Y03=3

2nd STAT

gives n=10, xbar=0.145 (mean), sx=0.03689 (std dev sample)

sigmax = 0.035 std dev population