USING BAII Plus....problem with cash flow

Guys, I am trying to find FV of cash flow, I am pretty much following the manual but still getting wrong answer

Problem :


1[.2nd] [RESET][ENTER] [0]

2.8000 [-] [FV]

  1. 3 [N] 10 [I/Y] [CPT] [PV] ANSWER IS -6010.52

Now when is select 8000 [+], I am still getting negative answer…which is -6010.52

Can some one plz tell me what I am doing wrong thanks

The 8000 have to be positive if the answer is negative.

It’s always like that. If over of is positive the fv is negative. And vice versa

You need to have a convention and follow it.

If inflows are positive - outflows then will be negative - basically inflows and outflows have opposite signs.

If you put the same sign in - the calculator will come back with an “ERROR”.