using calculator for finding standard deviation

I am able to solve schweser LOS quiz for standard deviation without using standard deviation formula. I am wondering if it is good idea to learn to use calculator effectively for statistics. If we need to calculate deviation for large data, calculator formula might help without needing to enter same number twice (One time to find mean, other time to find squares of deviation). I did not yet learn on finding statistics using the calculator formula. If it helps, I will ready my manual. I use hp12c

It helps a lot. Please use it. It is also simple, just enter each number follwed by Sum+ sign.Dreary

Thanks for the reply. I will start using it from now onwards to get acquainted with it. For remembering on using calculator for cash flow took some time for me. It is always better to use as many times as possible.

how do you do that on the BAII?

it is the 2nd Data to enter the data points and 2nd Stat to get the various output like n, mu, sigma, x-bar and s-bar When you enter the data – unless it is the case of a regression equation, be consistent and enter only either X or Y values. CP

cool, thanks cpk123.