Using CFA study notes to study for the FRM?

I have CFA Level 2 study notes, however I have an audit, not a finance background. So now, am transitioning from the CFA to the FRM.

Was trying to determine how the curriculum of the CFA Level 2 matches up with the FRM exam? Would like to start on the FRM, and was wondering if I can use CFA notes to do so, and in which FRM areas?

Thanks in advance!

That will not be nearly enough. Only thing that will overlaps for FRM Part 1 are regression and other quants concepts + some derivatives. Did you do that CFA Level 2? FRM Part 1 is not nearly that big in term of reading volume to CFA Level 2 so much faster to cover. Good luck

will not be anough. it will covermaybe 50-60% of the material.

just get the FRM books (schweser or buionic turtle). don’t be cheap when it comes to these tests.

its much better IMO to spend an extra 200-300 now than another 500 to take the test again