Using CFAI Past Exams

Clearly doing the IPS questions is a good idea, but what do you guys think about doing the other type of questions? Or to use that time on EOC questions instead?

I found a lot of value doing the other questions in the past AM exams. At this point, I would be doing all the questions that you can get your hands on.

Where can you find the old exams on the website? I cant seem to find them anywhere. Anyone know?

Search Analyst forum Lvl 3 , you’ll find it quick . There are at least 3 or 4 posts carrying the link

Is this a serious question? Why would you not do the other questions? /Slapyouintheface

Slightly new to the forum but better late than never!! Could anyone let me know what all exams are available for us to try our hand at? The ones that you talk about, are these real past exams on the mock exams released in previous years. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Oh boy.