Using eViews modeling for CFA exams

I have started using this platform during my Study for financial forecasting in Quant collegium. Still have light licence and am not an advanced user. Does anybody find this platform useful for regression analysis in preparing CFA exam, I mean for L2 or L3?

Not needed. Would be complete overkill. It’s not necessary to do actual analysis to prepare for the exam.

Thanks for letting me know this fact. Anyway, eViews is a powerfull tool and can be used in financial modeling. I have some video samples and used it for hypothesis testing within my master thesis. All statistic tests mentioned in L1 material are built into eViews.

I know. .I’ve used it in PhD courses in econometrics. I like it. But it will not help you on the exam. But you don’t have to listen to me. I’m only a person who has the charter and knows what works and what doesn’t. Focus on the curriculum. Is the curriculum asking how to do this or that in eviews? Or is it asking you to manually calculate and/our assess output from statistical tests?

That’s correct and I will listen to you. Just was curious if anybody here find eViews useful, not just for exam preparing than in practice as well. Thanks for sharing your experience, it’ s helpful and appreciated.

Although listening to DoubleDip’s advice will be beneficial in the short-run, in the long run, you will benefit more from applying the stuff you’re learning. I personally feel you were on the right track with the regression analysis (if you’re not currently an advanced user). I recently got asked in a job interview how my statistical modeling skills were and I answered that I had seen it in the CFA curriculum and did pretty well on the topic. Compare that to - I learned and applied that stuff to this real world scenario… You get the idea.

I am an advanced user of Eviews, and personally, reading the corriculum has helped me to better understand the concepts I run on Eviews. I.e., i can model both AR, ARCH and GARCH model perfectly, but the corriculum went deep into the derivation of the AR model and how to use it for forecasting, how to detect and correct for seasonality…

So basically, I have not gone back to eviews since I started reading the corriculum, but now anytime i have an analysis to run, i have a better idea of how the figures were arrived at.

For me, using Eviews may/may-not help much in sinking the concept, depending on you, but for me, I dont see the need for reverting to E-views, since I am really good with Eviews.

So, your choice, but its not a bad idea to try it… However, be concious of time…

OK, thanks for sharing. Now, I know whom I could contact for an advice.