Using free time on daily commute

Band 9 fail last June. I really want to utilize any free time I have during the day, especially my 1.5 hour commute to and from work.

I am curious what other people have been doing. I did try doing flash cards on my phone (multiple apps) but it was so hard to focus on a warm, bumpy train.

Has anyone tried any text-to-speech software? I imagine this might be a better way to remember some of the more theory based topics.


Celebrate a little victory every day. I would do a blue box example/exhibit a day to hammer home that particular concept. It’s about understanding at this stage. Memorizing formulas is not productive until last month or so. Text-to-speech is a lazy man’s tool. If you are not prepared to read then any other media will be easy-come-easy-go.

I am well aware of the time and effort commitment that this exam takes. I am looking at seeing what other people are doing and using for study aids instead of just reading the textbook on a train.

I’ve used the Kaplan audio notes for levels 1 and 2. They’re good for “passive” studying, namely when I need to rest my eyes , when I feel like going for a walk/run, and for my commute. The math and number heavy readings won’t make too much sense this way but it’s a good way to synthesize the big picture concepts.

I also have a 75-90 minute commute each way. When I was doing Level 1, I used to take a Schweser book with me on the train. I would only be able to use it if I had a seat and even then, not perfect. I did my best to focus and that time was what put me over the top. Looking to optimize this time a little better too. For me, it needs to be visual; listening has never worked for me becuase my mind is not focused.