using , instead of . and vice versa

I am used to use , for decimal sign instead of . and vice versa.

so will the grader in am section consider your answer or calculations wrong, if you apply it consistently?

I know you are from the Euro Zone and that that is the convention there…

but you might want to check with

a. folks from your area who have the charter already as to what they did.

b. check with the institute as to what they would prefer.

c. if the preference is use . where it is supposed to be, practice hard over the next 40-odd days to make it second nature for yourself. Rest of the world uses “,” as 1000 separator and “.” as the decimal point.

to add to the above post … all the papers are graded in the US over a couple of weekends, and when they get your paper to grade they do not definitely know that this came in from somewhere in Europe and that is the convention there.

you might want to give up using the 1000 separator completely - write 1000000.00 for 1 Million instead of 1,000,000.00 or 1.000.000,00